Cruising with Billy

On deck Independance of the Seas

  Billy is in full raconteur mode. “He was a lad about 17 and he’d been in a wheel chair all his life. He was traveling with his parents on one of my tours to Amsterdam and I volunteered to keep him busy one night while they went out on the town. I rolled him

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Chasing Marc Chagall

Chagalls grave St Paul de Vence France

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; If from the head, almost nothing.”  Marc Chagall It is late September and I am back in France for the third time this year. The summer tourist crowd has thinned a bit but the roses are still blooming. Cyclists are out in force, taking advantage of

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Historic English Gardens

Zinnia garden at Hampton Court Palace

  I love history.  I love gardens.  Combining these two things is nothing short of a Meg Ryan moment for me (for those of you who don’t get the reference, watch the movie When Harry Met Sally).  Happily, I had more opportunities than I could possibly take advantage of during our English summer of 2014–

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Love Is a Wee Dram

The Barrel Room Edradour Scotland

If you love a good single malt scotch, a trip to Scotland’s Whisky Trail should definitely be on your travel bucket list. (By the way, they spell it without the e, as in “whisky”.)  The cheery, friendly (and dare I say quirky?) people of the Highlands are extraordinary folk and after a thousand years of

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The Wines of Burgundy

Chassagne Montrachet Burgundy France

  What is a “White Burgundy”?  For that matter, what exactly is a red Burgundy wine?  We visited Cote de Beaune recently, in the heart of Burgundy (aka “Bourgogne”) and I learned something new: While true, its a bit over-simplistic to state that a Burgundy wine is simply a wine from Burgundy.  In fact, it

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Moorish Gardens in Spain

Reales Alcazares Gardens Seville Spain

I love indoor/outdoor living spaces.  Did you know that we have the Moors to thank for the whole idea?  The Moorish garden always begins with a beautiful courtyard, or patio (a distinctly Moorish concept) and spreads outward to carefully tended spaces beyond the walls of the main dwelling. Picture, if you will, a long courtyard

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piri-piri chicken

We had been in Portugal less than 48 hours when I discovered a new favorite food: anything flavored with the Portuguese spice, piri-piri (also known as “peri-peri”).  Like my daughter Kate, when I find something I love, I eat it constantly until I get tired of it, so my husband (the Chef) is now whipping

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Little White Villages

View of the cathedral Casares Spain

We arrived in Spain on April 3rd and headed straight to the Costa Del Sol to enjoy the beach and some golf (for the hubby).  Unfortunately, the Costa Del Sol is not what I remember from 20 years ago (perhaps this contributed to my recent meltdown?) and we were soon pouring over the map planning

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I have always been drawn to athletic endeavors, beautiful stretches of beach, and the feeling of flying.  So it isn’t surprising that kitesurfing has been high on my list of sports to try someday. Imagine my delight when I realized that the little place we rented on St. Kilda beach (Melbourne, Australia) is directly across

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