Vacation Rental Scams

Vacation rentals

I just started working on our 2015 accommodation schedule and I’m already spotting fraudulent listings on VRBO, Flipkey, Homeway et al. I usually spot a scam before I inquire about a property, but sometimes, after a long, late-night session on the laptop, I miss the telltale signs. Last night for example, I sent almost 20

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Ferry Tips: Split to Ancona

Split to Ancona ferry 1

Taking the overnight car ferry from Split to is a time-efficient and cost-effective way to get from Croatia to Italy. Unfortunately, the information available online through ferry web sites isn’t very helpful.  Here are some tips to make the entire experience easier and more pleasant: 1.) Operators: There are three operators: Snav, Jadrolinija, and BlueLine.

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Travel Packing Tips


I was not born to pack light.  I’m a gal who likes to have everything I need, or might need, at my fingertips (what if I go to Mars and it turns out to be chillier than I expected?).  But, this past few months on the road has changed me.  I’ve morphed into a gal

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Worst Airports: Gibraltar!

gib 5

I have now survived two trips in and out of Gibraltar airport. Let me be clear:  THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN. And not only because Gibraltar is #2 on the list of scariest airports in the world.  After you have survived the landing — or an aborted landing — the fun really begins. 

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Schengen = Itinerary Change


The Schengen Visa, which limits tourists to 90 days in the EU, is forcing us to change our planned itinerary for visiting countries in Europe this year. Our original idea was that we would find a long-term rental (probably in Spain) and use this as home base, going out from there to various places we

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My First Meltdown

lunch by the water Casares Spain

  It is official.  After just a few months on the road, I had my first moments of second-guessing. No.  Let’s be honest:  What I experienced was sheer, unadulterated terror and choking panic. WHAT HAVE I DONE? These are my top-earning years, I should be out there working for chissake, before I get to the

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How To Become Un-Thinged


I read somewhere that people burn 55 minutes a day looking for stuff they own.  Even more shocking: 80% of our stuff never gets used.  This was at least partly true in my own life.  I couldn’t believe how many items I didn’t recognize (or remember purchasing) when we began cleaning out the closets, basement

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