Listening to My Heart


I haven’t been posting to the blog much in the past couple of weeks.  I also haven’t been taking photos (something I’ve come to truly love). Instead, I’ve been driving around the Portuguese Algarve looking for a cheap apartment to rent. Why would I do this, you ask?  How does this fit with traveling the

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Reflections on Water: Images of Tavira Portugal

Historic roman bridge tavira portugal

  May 2014:  I’ve been experimenting with capturing reflections on the water in my photos.  The little town where we are staying is a perfect spot.  A river runs through Tavira, Portugal, and the historic Roman bridge and the buildings along the waterfront reflect nicely at sunset.  At the beach, there is a sandbar that

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Great Ocean Road: Cycling

Small cycling shoulder Great Ocean Road Australia

The Great Ocean Road provides the most spectacular cycling in all of Australia.  Since this was at the top of my 2014 Must-Cycle list, it was one of our first destinations when we arrived in Oz in January of 2014.  I’ve created a Google Map showing route and distances, and where to stay/eat for cyclists

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Schengen = Itinerary Change


The Schengen Visa, which limits tourists to 90 days in the EU, is forcing us to change our planned itinerary for visiting countries in Europe this year. Our original idea was that we would find a long-term rental (probably in Spain) and use this as home base, going out from there to various places we

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Little White Villages

View of the cathedral Casares Spain

We arrived in Spain on April 3rd and headed straight to the Costa Del Sol to enjoy the beach and some golf (for the hubby).  Unfortunately, the Costa Del Sol is not what I remember from 20 years ago (perhaps this contributed to my recent meltdown?) and we were soon pouring over the map planning

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The beach Tarifa Spain

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting, he thought, as he looked again at the position of the sun, and he hurried his pace. He had suddenly remembered that, in Tarifa, there was an old woman who interpreted dreams.” [from The Alchemist]. The little town of Tarifa sits on the southernmost point of

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My First Meltdown

lunch by the water Casares Spain

  It is official.  After just a few months on the road, I had my first moments of second-guessing. No.  Let’s be honest:  What I experienced was sheer, unadulterated terror and choking panic. WHAT HAVE I DONE? These are my top-earning years, I should be out there working for chissake, before I get to the

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Another Winery Crawl: The Yarra Valley, Australia

Morning in the Yarra Valley Australia-2

Thanks to a birthday gift from our daughter, Kate, we headed out to the Yarra Valley wine region last week for yet another winery crawl.  Here are some notes from our trip on wines, food, where to stay, etc. Wines: The Yarra Valley is a cool climate, so the wines are markedly different than the

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Ironman Melbourne 2014: Where Are the Women?

Mary Beth Ellis Ironman Asia Pacific Championships 2014

The Ironman Asia Pacific Championship race was held this past Sunday in Melbourne and as is always the case in an Ironman event, it was a show to remember.  Ten professional women entered the race, among them some promising new faces who may very well be future world champions. At around 3pm, I was sitting

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Honoring Today: Banning “The List”

breakfast Bathers Cafe St Kilda

All of my life I have been a maker of lists.  I make lists about anything and everything (what to pack for vacation, what to buy at the grocery store, what needs cleaning or attention in the house or garden, my goals for the week or the year, my workout schedule, etc.).  My lists capture

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